Monday, May 15, 2017

Windswept House

The storm fizzled.  I have no excuse for not doing anything.  The shade garden needs work.


  1. "Windswept House"

    Sounds dramatic ... I can picture an English manor on a windswept hill full of folks who are of an ancient lineage. Folks who have loved and lost living out their days full of bittersweet memories. ;(

    Anyway, with regards to a windswept garden, we are not blessed with bunnies but with those wonderful rascally Blue Jays! Most of them were born here in our backyard but one windswept night, one of the nests was knocked over and two chubby babies fell out. We tried to rescue them but they scummed to the elements three days later. Those two babies we buried in the backyard but yesterday, Sunday, I saw one of two babies almost grown flying around in the garden with one of the parents! It was a wonderful sight and made me happy. Gracias, Diosito!

    "Lord, even the birds sing your praises!"

    1. The Blue Jays are around snatching eggs from the Robins in my woods.

    2. Ah ... that's not good! Here, they are lively, rambunctious and tease our dogs and cats all while flying low and squawking at them. I have warned them several times already that they're asking for trouble ... >x<


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