Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Fatimystics and their urban legends.

The holy maid is mad.

When Pope John XXIII cried.

Not.  I grew up with these stories, circulated by the very, very devout spreading tales about the as yet undisclosed 'Third Secret'.  The first stupid story had it that John XXIII wept when he read the secret.  In fact, he read it, said it didn't apply to his papacy, but to the future, and filed it away.  It was sent to the Vatican in the first place for the pope to read and it was left up to his discretion as to what to do with it.  Since he did not reveal the secret in 1960, many disappointed Fatimists were deeply disappointed.  Then speculation broke out, prophecies from other dubious apparitions and private revelations-locutions, spread far and wide.  Often endorsed by this mystic, that bishop and priest, and even entire communities of contemplative nuns - as well as members of the Blue Army and friends of Padre Pio.  The worst are the Grunerites of course.

I was up too late last night and commented on a couple of websites which posted on the subject of the Fatima secret, and one site posted what I call stupid conspiratorial theories regarding Fatima and the popes, including the absolutely absurd idea that Sr. Lucia had been replaced by an impostor nun.  The theory involves the Vatican in an effort to cover up the true nature of the secrets.  The conspiracy, to be true would involve the Carmelite nuns of Lucia's monastery, her family and those who knew her before entering, and even the bishops of Fatima.  The claim is substantiated based upon photos taken of Lucia as a child, as a Dorothean sister, and those photos of her in Carmel.

These sad people believe the photos of Sr. Lucia prove that she was replaced by an impostor, a theory promoted by sedevacantists and radical traditionalists.  They simply do not take into account changes to a person's face as they mature and age.  I'm not privy to any secret files as these people claim to be, but common sense would dictate that if there was any change in her appearance, in all probability Sr. Lucia probably had denture work done, since she had very crooked teeth.  It could well have affected her 'bite' or alignment, interfering with eating and so on.  Any denture work, including false teeth can alter the chin structure at times - in her case for the good.  It is possible Lucia may have had minor dental surgery to correct alignment.  I have a friend who had such surgery.  I'm convinced one could easily verify these theories by contacting the Carmel, as well as obtaining the testimony of Lucia's living relatives in Portugal.  Otherwise, people who spread these stories are guilty of presumption and even calumny.  It's scandalous to suggest there is a cover-up, that the popes, and the Carmelites are liars.  These writers are completely off the rails with these fantasies.

I noted one person commenting on the thread at 1P5 stated that it was like Bayside revisited.  Indeed it is a synthesis of those false apparitions which has gained a foothold today - included in the category are the alleged visions of Neceedah and San Damiano in Italy - all have been condemned by the Church - yet their claims circulate and become legend.  It fuels a sort of medieval superstitious mentality that doesn't fit in with Catholic teaching or belief.  Just today one site speculates that President Trump's political woes can be attributed to a curse.  Notwithstanding the fact a group of witches cast a curse, or spell to destroy Trump, I think he's doing that just fine all by himself.

That said, I continue to believe what we need to know about Fatima has always been there for us to know: the call to cease offending God, to repentance, prayer, penance and true devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  I remember as a child when the secret was not revealed in 1960 many Fatima devotees were not just disappointed, but angry. It was then that a series of private revelations began to be pieced together to become the secret many expected. Even after JPII had the secret read, many were greatly disappointed that more terrible chastisements were not revealed, that Vatican II wasn't condemned, and the existing conspiracy theories gained more strength - once again based upon other private revelations, as well as annotated secrets from earlier apparition sites.

Today we have Medjugorje and Garabandal competing for verification and ratification of great chastisements and social upheaval, fire from the sky, and so on.

All we have is the present moment folks.  Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.  God is present, he is in the present moment.  St. John of the Cross also wrote about how greatly displeased and offended God is by our seeking out private revelations and messages:  "The reason lies in the illicitness of transcending the natural boundaries God has established for the governing of creatures. He has fixed natural and rational limits by which man is to be ruled. A desire to transcend them, hence, is unlawful... consequently, God who is offended ... is displeased."  [...]  "Although God's visions and locutions are true and certain in themselves, they are not always so for us. The first reason is because of our defective manner of understanding them, and the second because their basic causes are sometimes variable."

Everything necessary for salvation has been revealed and can be found in the Church.  Study your catechism.

Talk amongst yourselves.

Sr. Lucia entered Carmel in 1948 
where she lived for 57 years.

The Fatimists want us to believe the entire community 
and the bishop(s) harbored an
impostor Sr. Lucia.


  1. Clearly they made the switch when she left the sisters of St Dorothy. What?

    Note that nobody bothered to mention the actual 3rd secret, that women shouldn't wear pants! What?

  2. I wonder what Sr Lucia would've thought about all this? She was such a no-nonsense, down-to-earth sort of person.

  3. We humans are really a silly bunch. I am sorry, but I see the same person in all the photos! I guess I could be easily fooled. The same foolish conspiracy theory is flouted about Pope Paul VI. He was under a Masonic thumb or so they say. Veronica Luken, the Bayside mystic, still has followers in her neighborhood. One year ago, while exploring the 1965 World's Fair site, I happened upon two of her adherents literally shouting the rosary at each other. Some had color coded berets. They gather on the site where the Vatican Pavilion stood. I found it fascinating and silly. It scared my wife who just wanted to get away. I wanted to watch and try and understand what I was seeing. Pilgrims come on buses! I googled it in the effort to understand and learned alone pilgrim was stabbed to death years back. No one charged. No witnesses! So, I understand the Popes reluctance to address any of these groups. There is no doubt diabolical mischief afoot with some of these people. I agree with you Terry. Listen to approved messages if you want or need confirmation. Otherwise, doctrine is clear as to what is needed for salvation.

  4. Wallace,

    That's a great story..(not the poor victim part..) I want to check that place out.

    No offense to Sr. Lucia..who had a beautiful soul and heart and mind..but...that face would be uh,hard to "copy"! I I am seeing the same person. And really, instead of a "evil twin," wouldn't it be easier to just kill her? Are they James Bond villains who make up elaborate schemes and stand around talking about the heroes "demise" instead of just doing it? A look alike is a big loose string, she could go rouge at anytime..and what a thankless job, you have to eat the kind of food the person you are impersonating would like "But HATE pepperoni on your pizza!"

    Poor Sr. Lucia, all this conspiracy theories and she didn't even go out of her way for attention..its not like she ran uphill backwards are anything like those Garabandal show offs (you know those girls would have LOVED to have a conspiracy theory about them..) She went and quietly became a sister.

  5. Mack, that's the whole problem with those who really did see the Blessed Virgin, they quietly go into the convent, exercising obedience, not contributing drama, publicizing themselves or making money. For me, that's something that differentiates the real visions from the fake.

  6. I engaged someone on 1P5 about this nonsense and she 'neilsmom' accused me of promoting my blog by calling attention to the photos on my post. Like I would ever try to promote this dump. Those people have such attitude, it would be impossible to have a civil conversation with them. They are devoid of common sense.

    1. That's the problem with the blogisterium, they're too busy pointing fingers to pay attention to God.


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